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    Way cool! Some very vali
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    Hi, Neat post.


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the german
( -/- )
16.9.10 05:08
oh you driving me crazy but the next time please leave a message or sth similar. i'm really mad at the moment and you know exactly why. last night in sydeny i can't believe it !!!!!
miss you sooooo much and only three weeks on my own - LAME!!!

( -/- )
15.9.10 10:30
babe haven´t heard anything from you the last couple days.
i know you´re alive. cairns is hot hot hot but would have been much more better staying there with you.
i know you have to go home and its so lame but i have to accept it.
even if its hard we will meet again i´m pretty sure.
thank god we met @ hq was such a great time ;-)
haha oh you calling right now - i love you.
so now to all the followers back home in germany:
keep an eye on little miss sunshine cause there are many rude boys over there. give her a little time to come home again. but don´t let this partyanimal alone!! and to your parents your daughter is just AWESOME but you know this already.
be safe have fun darling and call me when you´re home PROMISE i will stay awake all night.

( -/- )
6.9.10 02:50
kommt gerade nach hause und ist der meinung, dass sonja und flo ganz viel spass haben. das kommt den badischen dramen ganz nahe. ich brauch ne livecam zu euch!!!!
sonja was ist eigentlich in dich gefahren?? wir sollten mal reden. kanadier ha das ich nicht lache!!!

( -/- )
3.9.10 20:24
Hallihallöchen meine liebe Sonja
wollt mich nur mal wieder zurückmelden aus Berlin
War echt gut
Und natürlich echt toll wieder mal deinen Blog zu lesen
Freu mich schon, wenn du wieder da bist
Genieß die Zeit da unten
Bis denn
Hab dich lieb

( Email )
20.8.10 07:02
darling thanks for your answer but I already bought the stamps...so next time^^
to find Rhonda you just have to check my friends...last day here I'm a little sad and also school I will miss the people and also the teacher (what I thought would never be happen)
Yes she ask me nearly everyday wheather I talked to you =)
You lucky girl I don't want to leave but in 6 month I'm back =) and then the adventure beginns...you poor thing have o go that soo that's so sad
xoxo kadda (x= kiss and o= hug)

( -/- )
20.8.10 04:25
sweetheart i have an idea. the really important postcards with stamps you get them at the post office. theres one in george street direction opera ;-)
and the other ones just with the airmail sign and when you are lucky they will find their way to the right post box.
oh i could understand it. greetings to rhonda and i know how hard it is to leave this city but i will be back in a few weeks - luckily!!!! i will search rhonda now ;-)

( Email )
18.8.10 08:02
oh darling
but i have so many postcards 24 this is so expensive... where can I buy some stamps?
It's so sad that you have to go that soon!!!
I must do my homework but I don't want to...only 2 days left omg and on Saturday I must leave the most beautiful city ( next to Stuttgart and Oos) and Rhonda shes such a cute person...I would miss her but I found her on fb =)
miss and love ya

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